WONKY WAND -                                    High Wycombe HOMELESS SUPPORT

We are not a registered charity.

We do not take money donations.


We are local people coming together to help our street sleepers and homeless in our town.

We work directly with them, we go to them and talk, ask and see what we can do to help them.

There is no discriminating at all
We provide donations straight to them, Clothes, Toiletries, Food, bedding etc

We are not governed by any authority figures, we volunteer purley as local concerned, caring people who want to help.

We are fully aware of local homeless charities/organisations .We help them too, when we can.


If you have any worries, concerns, questions , want to volunteer or donate please do not hesitate in contacting me directly.


Natalie 07956905367

We are located at:

Wonky Wand

22 Garratts Way

High Wycombe

HP13 5SW


Contact us today!

If you have any queries or wish to make an appointment, please contact us:


Mob 07956905367



Or use our contact form.

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